Complete disinfection management for the corporate sector

Complete disinfection management for the corporate sector

Corporate Disinfection Management

For several decades, UVC light has played a significant role in sterilizing several areas of human inhabitation. It’s a safe and effective way to eliminate germs causing allergies and diseases, and disinfect surfaces, tools, equipment, and the indoor spaces. UV disinfection systems are increasingly becoming the one-stop chemical-free solution to achieve optimum results in the shortest span of time. It’s currently experiencing a surge in popularity across several industries, including hospitals, hotels & restaurants, residential spaces, educational institutes, and other places.

What is UV-C light?

Ultraviolet rays from the sun are considered harmful for humans, and are blocked by the Earth’s ozone layer. However, its shorter wavelength ranging between 100 and 280 nanometers is considered safe for humans, and is germicidal too. This ultraviolet light disinfection is capable of inactivating microbes like viruses, bacteria, and protozoa.

The light can penetrate pathogens and deactivates their cellular DNA and RNA, rendering them unable to multiply and cause diseases. Their nucleic acids are damaged which prevents these organisms from reproducing and infecting. However, the complex cell structures of humans and plants are resistant to these lights with low-energy wavelengths, but this doesn’t mean you can use ultraviolet disinfection systems without caution and should always be used when the space is unoccupied.

UVC in corporates

With a large number of people spending a major part of their day in offices, it’s imperative for employers to ensure the maximum safety of employees. The office spaces should be thoroughly disinfected to ensure a germ-free environment that benefits the business in numerous ways, especially after this pandemic, as working back in the office is still a threat to many. Employers are adding additional layers of security by installing various UV-C devices like UV surface disinfectants and UV air treatment systems across all the departments, including escalators, lifts, and the cafeteria.

Choosing safe UVC devices for your business

While choosing a UVC device for your office, it’s important to avoid the mistake of creating a false sense of security by choosing inadequate and unsafe devices that are flooding the market. You should take a thoughtful approach and explore the UV light disinfection companies and their smart disinfection solutions, know its features in and out, consult disinfectant experts, and consider medical advice before finalizing the products for installation. Check for a variety of safety features that come standard with UVC devices, including motion detectors, gravity sensors, safety clocks, timers, pressure switches, and many more. All these features are designed specifically to prevent accidental exposure, and are safe when used under strict FDA-compliant guidelines.

The advantage of UV-C light disinfection devices for businesses is they’re completely free from chemicals which are often ineffective against various germs, and cause health hazards. The new UVC devices are chemical, residue, and absorption free methods of disinfection that make it highly effective in sterilizing indoor air in office spaces. They can also be used to disinfect water, floors, surfaces, and numerous objects that are continuously used by employees.

UV-C light disinfection systems can also be installed in washrooms that offer the highest degree of disinfection and keep the area germ-free with 99.99% effectiveness. All bacteria and viruses respond to UV-C radiation, and fail to reproduce and spread diseases and allergies.

These UV disinfection systems are particularly important for corporates since there’s hardly any natural ventilation systems, and windows and doors are closed at all times. The risk of bacteria and virus buildup is extremely high in office spaces, and the same air keeps circulating, exposing employees to high risk of contracting various airborne diseases.

The proven and effective method to neutralize microorganisms is via UV-C radiation that delivers results within just a couple of minutes. UV-C radiation is believed to have a meaningful impact on the business and employees, and boosts individual and team performance. It’s also highly beneficial for clients who make regular visits, and instils trust and confidence in them regarding the official practices of the company.

To conclude

UV-C radiation in the wavelength between 200 and 280 nm is ideal for use in office spaces since it breaks the DNA of microbes and provides long-lasting results. These devices are being considered for use even in industrial setups, aerodromes, marine industry, and large multinational organizations where the movement of people is very high combined with a high density of people. We have seen how the spread of the pandemic is disastrous for people contracting the virus while they are just working hard to make a living. Let’s curb this situation with Unimech Healthcare’s  smart disinfection solutions.

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