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India’s leading safe & smart air purification solutions

“The globe is in the grip of a major catastrophe as a result of the COVID pandemic, with people  unsure how the virus will evolve and spread wherever it goes. Everyone, understanding that the pandemic is not going away anytime soon, and are looking for infection spread control devices or solutions that can give a better indoor environment. People are becoming aware that viral transmission occurs not just from the surface but also through the air, as well as many other areas such as washrooms, HVAC systems, elevators, and so on, all of which can be equally contagious.

Corporates are extremely concerned about how they will keep their personnel safe as they return to the office. Businesses and shopping malls are eager to find a solution that would control contamination and provide a healthy environment. Unimech Healthcare recognizes these issue and has developed a decent range of smart disinfection devices that may be installed in homes, workplaces, hospitals, hotels, offices, business malls, and other locations to provide clean air and surface disinfection solutions. ”


“To improve the quality of life for the
people By providing environment friendly
Safe & Smart purification/disinfection
solutions at affordable prices.”


“To be the pioneer, most admired and respected brand in Safe & Smart Purification/Disinfection solution provider in the country."


"Focusing on growth & risk minimization
through product diversification & increasing the market share by responding to changing customer needs."

why choose us
Unimech Healthcare is a pioneer in the development of a wide range of safe & smart air purification solutions. We are always investing our time in learning global technological advancements and applying that knowledge to inventing exceptional designs in our domain

Team experience of 150 years

With a combined experience of 150 years, the team ensure that our products meet all the international quality, health & safety and environmental standards.

Professional Approach

A set of young and passionate minds working towards creating innovative products backed by a strong engineering, R&D, manufacturing, and testing capability.

National & international certifications

Unimech Healthcare is certified to ISO 9100, AS 9100, and OSHAS ISO 45001 international standards. While our products are certified to CE, European standards.

Safety is our Top Priority

We are dedicated to the safety of our employees and that of our customers.

Quality Assurance

We provide Good Performance and Quality Assurance CleanAir products.