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Air Quality Monitoring System

Air quality monitoring is an integral part of an effective air quality management system. This helps us to track real time indoor air scenario in terms of various pollutants & microbes. The data derived through AQMS can also provide us the control strategies for effective indoor air quality.


Create healthy environment

Fight the invisible enemy and take control of the air you breath. Track your progress with AQMS towards healthy working environment and healthier you.

Various pollutants monitored

Indoor Air Parameters

Features of AQMS

Assess the extent of pollutants
Provide air quality data instantaneously
Support implementation of air quality goals or standards
Evaluate the effectiveness of solution and provide control strategies
Provide information on air quality trends
Historical data for the evaluation of air quality
Dashboard with good User interface to monitor data effectively

Advantages of UNIMECH association​

Pre installation, real time indoor air data sampling & forecast
Installation through qualified personnel
To support implementation of air quality goals or standards
Product training through qualified staff on all aspects.
Providing historical data
Pre & post culture microbial testing
Monthly inspection from company staff
Login rights into multiple devices (Ex: Mobile, desktop, laptop etc.)

Product applications

Safe & Smart CleanAir

Experience the power of AQMS in real-time

250 µg/m3

PM 2.5

Result – Good

432 mg/m3

PM - 10

Result – Good

100 C


Result – Good

76 %


Result – Good


Atmosphere Pressure

Result – Good



Result – Good

1000 ppb


Result – Good

2001 ppm


Result – Good

5 ppm


Result – Good

101 ppm


Result – Good

20 %LEL


Result – Good

200 ppm


Result – Good