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Closed spaces and their surfaces are home to many microbes including viruses/bacteria and other germs. These areas need disinfection too. Choose the smart sterile...

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UVGI stands for Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation and emits powerful shortwave ultraviolet-C radiation with photodimerization. It’s capable of destroying the RNA structure of viruses and bacteria, and can also disable the harmful effects of microbes by damaging their DNA. The chemical process interferes with the microbes that fail to multiply and don’t cause infections.

All Unimech products are designed and developed with innovative technology like comprehensive monitoring options with remote control facility. Advanced features like cloud-based technology ensure you’re in complete control and enable continuous performance. You can also set the time and to automatically switch on/off the system, and a power indicator alerts you in case of low power.

All products include one-year warranty that covers all technical issues and product functionality. Only the lights and bulbs are not covered. We also cover any damage caused during installation. For more details on warranty call our customer care.

Our products are designed for versatility that can be used across several residential, commercial, and corporate spaces. The UVGI technology works at optimum levels with the least human interaction, and can disinfect every nook and corner with 99.9% accuracy every time. Our continuous disinfectant systems run for up to 15,000 cycles to offer enhanced durability and delivers a sterilized environment with the highest degree of efficiency.

Our team of engineers, technicians, and related experts apply industry-standard engineering, physics, and mathematical methodologies in designing the equipment to ensure enhanced durability. We also offer exemplary services in case of any malfunction and to ensure longevity of the products at the most reasonable costs.

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