Indoor air conditions – The real threat for air quality and the solution


Are you sure the air you breathe in your home or office is safe for you? Do you think you’re safe just because you’re indoors? Contrary to your beliefs, the air you breathe inside can be even more hazardous to your health than the polluted outdoor air. While it’s widely understood that during the colder winter months, the air indoors can be the chief carrier of harmful bacteria and viruses, this is true throughout the year.

Indoor air pollution is the diminishing air quality triggered by harmful chemicals and other toxic materials. It often happens due to a lack of ventilation and pollutant build-up that keeps circulating increasing the risk of airborne diseases and contamination. These build-up is much faster and more rampant inside compared to outdoor spaces, particularly in developing countries.

A big percentage of indoor air pollution is triggered by the release of various gases and particles into the air. These include building materials, air fresheners, tobacco smoke, wood-burning stoves, and by human contamination. While outdoor air seeping indoors can significantly reduce pollution build-up, modern homes and offices are designed to not let any outside air circulate inside.

Those nagging effects

The perpetual cold, constant headache, frequent tiredness and other such nagging symptoms are in many cases caused by the polluted indoor air we breathe. Without indoor ventilation these symptoms persist and your continuous attempt to eliminate them is in vain since you’re not aware of the source of your health issues.

Long-term effects can include an increased risk of cancer, and worsening conditions in individuals suffering from chronic health ailments such as diabetes, BP, asthma, heart and lung diseases, and other serious allergies.

The identification

Once you identify the real culprit is the air you’re breathing, all sources of indoor air pollution can be dealt with in a precise way with technology like air purifiers and UVC light. You can take decisive steps to eliminate disease-causing bacteria and viruses and prevent the same from re-entering your home or work space. Headaches, respiratory problems, sore throat, cold, chronic cough, eye irritation, skin rashes, and even feeling lethargic, dizziness, and memory lapses are all causes of breathing polluted indoor air.

Ultraviolet technology to the rescue

The outside air is full of airborne particles called bioaerosols. Ultraviolet rays from the sun help purify the air and control pollution. However, the air inside your home or office is hardly exposed to the sun’s UV rays. It becomes a breeding ground for fungi, mold, and mildew to buildup. As a comprehensive solution to this serious issue, UVC light air purifiers with a certain wavelength known as UV-C can help you find the right remedy. This UV light purifier attacks the DNA of and kills bacteria and viruses growing indoors. The technology has been in use for many years across several industries to purify water and disinfect labs.

UV lights and disinfectant devices

UV lights are highly popular devices to eliminate allergy-causing microbes. Numerous allergens are significantly reduced by the installation and use of UV-C ultraviolet air purifiers and portable UV air purifier devices. Hospitals and other medical setups are using these systems to ensure medical equipment, patient rooms, waiting rooms, operation theatres, and other surroundings are clean and disinfected. Installing them into the HVAC systems can completely clean the system that purifies indoor air too.

Likewise, UV air purification systems are increasingly used in corporates, homes, and educational institutions to eliminate allergens and other harmful pathogens which cut the chain of bacteria and viruses from multiplying. There are several applications of various UV air purifier devices that ensure comprehensive results by disinfection of every corner, including difficult-to-reach areas not possible with traditional chemical-based disinfection solutions.

These devices work in conjunction with enhanced ventilation installations in residential, commercial, and corporate spaces that increase the effect while ensuring prolonged results. These spaces are also installing UV germicidal lights into the air conditioning systems to ensure maximum safety and promote the health of people. UVC light air purifier well-known as germicidal devices, emit powerful UV-C light that reach and kill microbes even before they enter a living space. Specific UV air purification devices are also installed next to the AC coils to emit light that kills the dense buildup of microbes around the coil. These installations work with optimal efficiency and are highly effective against a wide range of allergies.

Innovative applications of UV-C light

Recent innovations have enabled the use of UC-V light devices in newer applications. You can now install a UV-C disinfectant system in air handler to destroy microbes whenever they pass through the system. This application protects people from common and rare allergies, especially children and elders.

While air ducts contain a large number of bacteria, fungi, and allergens, UV lights are exceptional and chemical-free options to sterilize bacteria, viruses, mold, and other allergens which passing through the HVAC unit. The process involves invading the DNA of these microbes, disabling them from creating cellular functions, and killing them by neutralizing them completely.

UV-C light air purification systems play a vital role in preventing secondary allergies caused by airborne allergens. The light can eliminate germs that that make asthma and other breathing issues worse. Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UGI) uses short UV rays called UV-C in disinfecting indoor air including neutralizing the viruses that cause tuberculosis. Upper-room air and in-duct ultraviolet germicidal irradiation are the two methods of cleaning and disinfecting indoor air. Nealy all airborne pathogens can be eliminated from the indoor air by regularly using germicidal ultraviolet air disinfection devices.


The Conclusion

Commercial UV air purifiers are now being used across numerous industries, and the technology is fast becoming the only method of disinfecting indoor air across all types of spaces across the globe. In fact, chemical-based solutions have already become a thing of the past in several regions, with UV-C systems offering exceptional benefits including lower costs, better performance, and improving the health of all individuals residing in a given space.

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